Mark Adamczyk Group
Jazz Lake Bluff, IL  USA
Thank you!
Pretty eclectic, as well as just pretty. We do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes we rock out; other times, we, um, jazz out. All over the map, sometimes without
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Peak position #8 1
ahh, but if I describe it, I change it. This time let's leave it as it is.
Peak position #34 1
something I started playing out live this month (August). If it suggests something to you other that splashy waves, that's fine. Don't look at the picture--just a suggestion.
Peak position #18
Peak position #60
upbeat instrumental, suitable for listening to while driving. I tried it while weeding the garden, definitely a car song!
Peak position #12 3 2
Some pieces put specific images into my head. This is not one of those pieces. If you get a specific image, I'd love to hear about it. :-)
Peak in sub-genre #45
arrangement of the old folk standard
Peak position #63 1 1
in G minor, at least at some point
Peak position #56 1
From Vivaldi's famous Four Seasons, first published in 1725
Peak position #78
Yep, THAT Bolero!
Peak position #88
best wishes to you for the new year
Peak in sub-genre #23
Just the band (me) thrashing out a groove. Key of A for those of you who want to sing along.
Peak in sub-genre #46 1
This is the song's debut, first time played out. Thought it went pretty well, so here it is. Any ideas for a title?
Peak position #14
Oh, 'tis my delight on a shiny night in the season of the year. (from the original)
Peak position #18 1
Sort of heavy for me, but some days are just like that, you know?
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