John Hartley
Pop Bradford, United Kingdom
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john hartley
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#96 (Sub-genre)
A hymn for Easter.
Peak in sub-genre #25
Christmas carol for singing on the doorstep.
The opening of a light-hearted rag in the style of Scott Joplin, inspired by the BBC Radio 4 'Upshares' slot in the PM programme.
Peak in sub-genre #33
Based on Psalm 125
Peak position #56
With the power of the Lord in our hands, like a sharp two-edged sword, we can face anything that evil might throw at us. (Psalm 149)
Peak in sub-genre #36 1
Run the race of the Christian life, with your eyes fixed on Jesus
The question from Joseph to Pharaoh: you had a dream, so how will you find out what it means?
Peak in sub-genre #57
Elisha's words to Naaman challenge us to wash ourselves in the river of the Lord
Peak in sub-genre #26
The story of Jonah in Nineveh, told from the point of view of the plant which gets eaten by a worm.
Peak in sub-genre #55
John 3:16 unpacked
Peak in sub-genre #69
Daniel's song of praise (Dan 2:20-23) and ours (Ephesians 1:3-9).
Peak in sub-genre #67
How can someone so amazingly goddish as God possibly be born in someone so amazingly small as a baby?
Peak in sub-genre #76
Be merciful to me ... in God I trust. Psalm 56 set to music.
Peak position #21
The parable of the sower from Luke 8:4-15, told as a song.
Peak in sub-genre #48
If God feeds the ravens and clothes the flowers, won't he look after you? So seek his kingdom first (Luke 12:22-34).
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