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Electronic Andover, MA  USA
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Romantic electronic music.
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A Baroque influenced piece for electronic strings and electric guitar.
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A continued set of variations upon Winter Song
Pulsing strings are a foundation for Mellotron and piano.
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Quiet strings into a full blown explosion of the Beast.
A Saharan idyll, heat and dust,
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Remembering the time I realized that I wasn't really interested in girls-but that WOMEN were proving to be endlessly fascinating.
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The Longing In My Breast For The Robins Of My Youth. A nostalgiac and melancholy little ditty. Treated Piano and lopey Rhythm with Treated guitar coda
The women of Andover dance in the woods near North Parish. A spooky Electronic Waltz.
A melancholy medatation on the end of the summer. Wall of fuzzy guitars and ambient synths
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A Twelve Bar, Minor Key Dance Track
A Variation upon a Theme by Cross Fripp Wetton and Bruford A waltz for the end of the World
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a long dance piece with found vocals
Slower original rock version of Corinthia
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