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HipHop Brooklyn, NY  USA
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A story about the war in Iraq and how it is linked to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Really strong song mixed with poetry.
Feat. Rapture, DJ Cloak, Vizion and V.I.
Feat. Immortal Technique, Cloak, Vizion, JP Featured on Immortal Technique's "The Silenced Revolution" Mixtape Produced by DJ Cloak
Feat. MDG, Dap and DJ Cloak
Ill Sample...check out the chorus...$50 to License.
Deep Bass...East Coast Vibe...$50 to License.
Raw Beat!!! Check out the guitars...$50 to License.
Some Street Soul for Ya'll...$50 to License.
Good Ol' Laid Back Street Vibe...$50 to License.
DJ Premiere style beat...straight East Coast...$50 to License.
Taking a cruise to the Tropical Islands...$50 to License.
NY Style...Real Grimey East Coast...$50 to License.
Dark...going Over the Edge...$50 to License.
Low Ridin' & Cruisin' type beat...$50 to License.
Check it out...$50 to License.
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