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Rock Caldwell, NJ  USA
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Old Stones & Kiss tune for Seymour Duncan forum Ace Frehley tribute CD
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Rock n Roll, no matter what the form, will just never go away.
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Rob Newman from our old band Forever recorded the bass on this new song. He left Forever in 1986 to get married but we've kept in touch since. It's always fun to record and do new things with people I've known over the years.
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This one's for you, Jay.
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Better version of "Next Day" Had a wicked cold when I sang it, and there's no solos in the middle yet. Work in progress.
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Just a test on my equipment to see if it was working okay. Came out waaaay better than I thought I could ever do.
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Drums, Bass, Rhythm guitar from 1982 recording done with a cassette recorder and SM58 mic hung from pipes in basement, vocals, acoustic 12 and extra rhythm guitars done Dec 5 2010
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Thankfully, none of these bad things happened, lol. I wrote this when Brian was about three years old. It's hard to imagine how life will play out with a handicapped kid, but it was fine. Actually, pretty normal to be honest.
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This is a song from the 80s. Around 84 or so. Forever (our band in the 80s) bassist Rob Newman came over my house and did the bassline for this version. Original version was loaded with synths, as that was the thing at the time, but I wanted to ki
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While the vocals can barely be heard because most of this is below my normal vocal range, I think my conversion of our old pop song to this almost "islandish" sounding tune came out well.
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