Nige and Trev
Alternative Oxford, United Kingdom
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Ranting, grooving, shrieking, psycho-jazz/rock/blues/classical/comedy/funk mayhem
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Peak position #37
A bed....a stack of poetry books...crow-black lipstick...stolen standing stones...and those eyebrows, those dark dark eyebrows....
Peak position #43
For many long moments the young man stood and...and...and...and...and...and...and...and...
Peak in sub-genre #11 1 1
Nige and Trev bow their heads in reverence as the chickens go berserk....let's go a bit lower.
Peak position #43 1 1
These days Nige and Trev believe in nothing....except plastic sheep masks. Let me hear it lord....
Peak position #29
Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded amoeba? Marbles...
Peak position #97
Raise your head...loook forwards. Pluck up the pillows. Computer's underwater. Ring a ding ding...ring a ding ding...
Peak position #42 1 1
I have a message for you. I have a message for me. I am the King of the Lobsters...I am the Lobster King. I've given up everything for you - my house, my wife, my friends...everything. I've got a little blue friend...
Peak position #53
Nige and Trev strap on their latex 'Frank Rabbit and the Bobtails' masks and proceed to rant about the sub-standard, fold-up, wood'n'canvas seating arrangements on Planet Klennaar's glorious 'Mindock' beach. Hurrah!
Peak position #89
Tommy (not his real name) wrote his initials in the wet cement of a concrete step (not a real step) and his face is still smiling (not a real smile)
Peak position #65 1 1
Frank Fish sings and plays the blues...the tale of ol'Tommy and the misery caused by carving his initials in that old concrete step. Slide guitar and bass by Mick Clack, drums by Dale Marshall, backing vocals by Ania Rybacka.
Peak position #22 3
Frank Fish :Vocals; Mick Clack: Guitars, bass, keys; Dale Marshall: Drums. Mindock music!!!
Peak position #27 1 2
A triumphant foot stompin' whistling song first recorded by legendary aquatic psychedelic rock pranksters FRANK FISH AND THE FINS in 1985
Peak position #68
Nige'n'Trev ride an invisible jazz horse through the streets of Rock city, clad only in edible luminous trousers and false raven beaks. Hoarse? Whores? Oars? Horse? This NIGE and TREV composition was voted 'Best Song' in the 2006 IOMAS!
Peak in sub-genre #43
Hmmm...a radically different slant on NIGE'n'TREV's oft-repeated Caribbean Club anecdote featuring DALE MARSHALL'S drumming talents, piano by PAUL GIBBON and the usual stuff from Clack and Fish.
One minute and fifteen seconds of unrequited love, talking chickens, hot water, cold water and a weird looking man with a baby sturgeon in a plastic bag. R-r-r-r-ock!!!
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