Samantha Jones
Acoustic Canada
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This song is about Facebook bringing all of us old highschool buddies together again. I wonder can you go back? Should you? Because even if sometimes you really shouldn't you still feel the need to.
Peak position #44
This song is basically about realizing you are in a dream and if that is the case trying to manipulate it to go the way you want.
Peak position #20
Rock song with cool hook. About a woman and her life that doesn't always reflect the young girl she still feels like on the inside
Peak in sub-genre #6
Rock song about a woman trying to make it day to day, wishing she could make it off her music, while not being able to. All the while having a dream to live the fast life
Peak position #52
a wedding song with a country feel. The man promises the woman to never slow dance with another
Peak position #91
Rock. About a woman contemplating an abusive relationship. It's a surprisingly upbeat song though.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Funky Blues feel with cool hook about a friend of mine who is a talented songwriter who should be discovered. Tornadoes = life's troubles, Limousines = her life's dream
Peak position #42
As in it isn't turning out the way I had it planned. Written for a friend unlucky in love. Country
Peak in sub-genre #20
about a dear friend that I moved to far away from to visit. That I never see now because he died. As close to Pop as I think I get. I've been told it's a ballad
Peak position #24
Country Folk. About a woman who fantasizes about a meeting with a man she has met on the Internet face to face
Peak in sub-genre #31
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