clive richardson
Electronic United Kingdom
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Drummer and contemporary composer for Film/TV and New Media.
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Album: Escape Velocity #29 (Sub-genre) 13 4
Heavy riffage & big drums! - Instrumental metal/electronica.
Album: Vanishing Point #17 (Sub-genre) 1
Moody, atmospheric and moving Electronica.
Album: Escape Velocity Peak position #25 23 7
Down-tempo soundtrack piece, fusing tribal rhythmic elements with a solid groove, dark synth drones, a powerful melody & big production. Features on the soundtrack in the movie "Last Paradise".
Album: Vanishing Point #64 (Sub-genre) 3 1
Up-tempo with a solid beat, but still quite chilled dance track with a slight trance feel.
Album: Vanishing Point #77 (Sub-genre) 2
Mellow & thought-provoking atmospheric chillout track with nice pads, synths & acoustic/clean electric guitar.
Album: Midnight Sun #82 (Sub-genre) 8 2
Thought-provoking & dramatic soundtrack that features heavy strings & choral elements.
Album: Vanishing Point 1
Uplifting and positive instrumental with clean guitar & choral elements.
Album: Escape Velocity #53 (Sub-genre) 41 7
Mellow, atmospheric & ethereal chillout track
#49 (Sub-genre) 2
Feelgood Trance inspired by Ibiza
Album: Vanishing Point #32 (Sub-genre) 3 1
Chilled and mellow groove...Inspired by the beaches and sunsets of Ibiza.
Album: Vanishing Point #75 (Sub-genre) 2
Dark & tense but melodic & atmospheric electronica.
Album: Vanishing Point #35 (Sub-genre) 2
Mid-tempo dark atmospheric electronica.
Album: Vanishing Point #9 (Sub-genre) 1
Quirky electronic dance track with an uplifting hook and unusual beat.
Album: Vanishing Point Peak in sub-genre #23 1 1
Heavy & Riffy guitar based rocker, but still melodic with synths & strings orchestration.
Album: Vanishing Point Peak in sub-genre #22 1
Mellow and ethereal chillout electronica.
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