HipHop Dallas, TX  USA
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Mix of the 'Hour Glass Ends' Album - Also known as 'Park & Ride'
Peak in sub-genre #18
Dedicated to the one I LOVE...
Until the End, it's all about Him...
It's time to get right...(Raw Track)
Info., Update, News, Trans:mission, Word on the street
Peak in sub-genre #69
The Blood that Saves, the Love that Saves, as long as you Believe & Recieve...
Peak in sub-genre #68
Dream - Left Behind - Alarm
All about Christ (Remix)
TKTX (Astro) 132's Testimony
Worship in Warfare
(Raw) Freestyle from back in the days...
Peak in sub-genre #21
The Jorney, The Message, The Times
It Don't Stop (Feat. Lil' Ron)
King of Kings and Lord of Lords...Who?
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