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Kaley Willow, family values, Kids Songs, Parent-Approved, Loved by Kids, Andy and Friends CD, Miss Willow's Fence Row. Kingdom Road.
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Children's song for the follow up to Kingdom Road; Piano Worktape only for now; 2013, 2012 Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush)
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Thankful Thankful Thankful, Lyrics/Melody, Kaley Willow, 2004.
2013 Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush) for follow up CD to Kingdom Road
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Thankful Turkeys is being sung in classrooms in Central Pennsylvania. Hope the child in you enjoys this Thanksgiving Song. Words/Melody...by Kaley, 2004.
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A Brand New World...Rough piano worktape...for the Children's CD to follow Kingdom Road.
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For the Followup Children's CD to Kingdom Road, ROUGH piano worktape Donna Raudenbush (Kaley Willow)
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A disney like theme waltz for mouse I mean Mice 2008
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2013, revised from 2012 Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush) piano worktape
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(Piano Worktape Only for now) My 89 year old Mom...gave me this title and idea....What happens when the North wind Moans His Lonely Song.. Alice Foster Fuller, Kaley Willow(Donna Raudenbush) 2009
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Rainbow Promise is a Bible Song for children. It gives hope for tomorrow. Lyrics.. Griffith & Willow copyright 2001, revised 2006. Melody by Kaley Willow, 2001.
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A work in progress. Christian Children's Lyrics posted at Just Plain Folks Lyrics Board III. Copyright, 2006. melody/words Kaley Willow
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childrens song; piano worktape for now; for Kingdom Road followup; Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush)
2013 revised from 2007 (will check on that)...Kaley Willow (Donna Raudenbush)..has been performed as a musical twice and as a play once. will be on the followup children's cd to Kingdom Road
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children's song; for now just piano worktape; will be recorded for followup to Kingdom Road;
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Lyrics: Kaley Willow, Wyman Griffith; Melody, Kaley Willow.....©2007, 2002 Thank you PD Photo.org for the use of your beautiful butterfly.
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