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An exclusive style of an accordion music.
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I decided to upload this the MOST FAMOUS BOSSA, because I think my arrangement is one of a kind...
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Accordion Jazz project.
#57 (Sub-genre)
Finally I've made an arrangement of my favorite LATINO song! Gypsy Kings on accordion!!!
Peak position #97
My arrangement of the Electro-Pop style for 2 accordions.
Peak in sub-genre #53 1
Bee Gees disco on an accordion
Peak in sub-genre #30 2
The evergreen hit of 50's
Peak in sub-genre #42 1
A famous Beatles's song in accordion arrangement. Updated version
Peak in sub-genre #38 1
The ICON of American accordionists! There is a hundreds of versions are playing around... I made just another arrangement. And I have composed a violin line...
Peak in sub-genre #38 1
This is the most famous 'LOVE THEME' from the old French movie 'Un Homme, et Une Femme' Lately I received a lots of requests to upload this mp3.
Peak in sub-genre #49 2
Another requested song in ROCK style from my fans. It won't be hang on here forever, though...
Peak position #81
Who knows the REAL TITLE of this song? I love it so much! This is Latino, Beguine style.
Peak in sub-genre #40 1
Totally acoustic version of E. Presley song.
Peak position #97 1
Hungarian dance
Peak in sub-genre #49 1
Hard Rock
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