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distorted youth
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Hailing from Detroit. Distorted Youth rocks originals and covers. If you are a Hendrix Freak, Led Head, Sabbath Freak or a Beatle Freak check it out.
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#23 (Sub-genre)
Heavy Cover of the Beatles.
#20 (Sub-genre)
Beatles Cover From Detroit
#36 (Main) 1 1
Spot on Slammin Zeppelin Cover Detroit Style. Thank you for giving us our first top ten on Soundclick.
#16 (Sub-genre) 1
Rivals the original in production and Intensity.
#19 (Sub-genre)
Psychedelic Blues hard rock. very trippy. Its a good buzz song.
Peak position #37
OZZY RULZ! Two Guitars are better than one. Incredible vox.. Scary similar Ozzy 1981
Peak position #66
Loud Beatles Rocking version
Peak in sub-genre #8 1 1
Its got High Energy STP / Velvet Revolver vibe with a Original Detroit Guitar Rock / Hard Rock attitude.
Peak in sub-genre #15
Heavy Beatles Cover with lots of guitars
#22 (Sub-genre)
People need to Come Together. Its heavy like all of John Lennon's blues with a message. Dual Drop D tuning guitars & slide leads. Deep blues vocals. Once a Beatles freak always a Beatles Freak.
Album: The Dark Side Peak position #14 1
I recorded this song after I met Steve Vai and he signed my guitar. This tune was number one on MP3.com for 6 weeks in the metal charts. Steve really inspired me to go over the top and push myself beyond my normal capabilities.
Peak position #92
Contest song I played Lead on.
Peak in sub-genre #25
3 Crunchy guitars triple tracked Pretty heavy. Its in you your face. Bad Ass Groove!
Peak in sub-genre #46
I won a best solo contest on WRIF in Detroit in 1999 with a 4 track cassette and a drum machine. The producer said "it has a real Joe Satriani sound to it. I used many Randy Rhoads riffs. It cooks!!!
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