Keith Barron
Blues Kamloops, Canada
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Home based blues rock.
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#82 (Sub-genre)
Sound clip of 68 Custom Princeton Reverb and 68 Vibro Champ in stereo.
Peak position #15
This sound clip is a demo of the Boothill 5F1 Tweed Champ kit that I assembled. This kit came with an 8" Peavey speaker and tweed covered pine cab. There are no effects used in this demo. Just a guitar, cord and amp.
Sample clip for '63 Fender Reissue Tank Reverb. USA Tele stock, into clone Tweed 5F1. Dec 1 2012
Peak position #22
A little Clapton style through my 5F2A Tweed Princeton with USA Strat.
Peak position #19
May 2012 I built this Tweed Princeton Clone. Sound clip with amp and USA strat.
Peak position #12
A short instrumental. USA Strat left channel my 1968 Vibro Champ, right channel into my Tweed 5E3 clone amp.
Peak position #5
Just a sound clip of my 68 Vibo Champ and Gibson ES-339. No effects just the amp dialed in to differnent volume levels.
Peak position #24
A sample clip of my home built Trinity Tweed Deluxe 5E3 amp. All guitar parts recorded with guitar straight into amp. No effects. 100% natural tube distortion.
Peak position #11
Demo sound clip of my 1968 Fender Vibro Champ. USA American series strat straight into amp. No distortion or overdrive effects of any type, only natural tube break up. Some MXR carbon copy delay near the end of the clip.
Just another rainy day and I was jammin in the basement. Recorded in 2008. Fender Strat guitar for all parts.
Peak in sub-genre #28
I am playing lead and rhythm guitar and singing in this classic Cream song. Guitar was a 2000 Les Paul Standard. Dunlop GCB95 wah.
Peak position #36
Vintage Fender Bandmaster amp. 1964 year. USA Strat American Series with a Tube Screamer plugged in to the amp. Nothing else. I added a touch of reverb on the lead guitar when I mixed it on my 16 track. Just a standard drum track.
Peak position #38
Pretty much Green Onions backing track that I played all the parts of, then solo'd over. Learning keyboard this one was fun as I can't play keys.
Peak position #26
Screwing around on a snowy saturday I came up with this.
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