Electronic Cork, Ireland
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Trip Hop, Amibent, Chill-out, Hip-Hop, Instrumentals, Cork, Ireland
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Peak in sub-genre #37
Piano loops with different drums throughout, bass line kicks in around half way through. Bit rough at the mo'.
Peak in sub-genre #50
Another quick short song! kinda mellow again, another one from watching q-bert videos
A really quick song i made, kinda mellow! basically this is the result of watching too many q-bert scratching videos, just getting that really simple, bare kinda song
Peak in sub-genre #50
mellow kinda song with pianos and violins towards the end! its a small bit dragged out as the violins dont come in until the end! Random vocal samples too!
Northern african kinda violin over just a droning bass!
Same sample uses in 'what' just sped up and put over a cheesy bass line! This is kinda inspired by all the cheesy 'rap' on the tv & radio
Peak in sub-genre #38
Violins and drums galore! This is kinda an attempt at an agresssive song
Peak in sub-genre #49
Pianos again with another mellow base! and more vocal samples but they are kinda out of place in some places and ill probaly deal with that in the near future
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