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A man writing parodies just because. .singing and writing is fun
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A parody of Everyone Knows Juanita about another woman we all love, complete with innuendos
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Honestly, song is catchy as heck--thought I'd cover it from another point of view.
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Parody of Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do
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Portugal the Man parody
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Parody of Girl Crush, the hit song by Little Big Town about my own personally crush.
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Must I really state what this is a parody of? It's crude, just forewarning
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Some gauze is a parody of Applause by Lady Gaga. . .the title says quite a bit
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Parody was written in 2008 about the movie "The Invasion", figured why not record it?
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Parody of Womanzier about, well, a Chubby Chaser
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This Parody of the famous 'Every Breath You Take', often referred to as the stalker song, makes it a wee bit more obvious-except from the angle of what the person on the other side of the original may have felt, but I do like the original too.
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