Steve a Gilbert
Country vancouver, Canada
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Steve a Gilbert
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Peak in sub-genre #12
why do you refuse to try anything new?
Peak in sub-genre #19 1
produced by Steve Soucy & Heidi McCurdy
Peak position #53 2 1
A Tribute our love of Ray Charles by me and my friends
Rock Anthem for TV
Peak position #59 1
à la Jerry Lee Lewis
Peak position #74
2 men, love each other all their lives, but never say the words
Peak in sub-genre #61
Baseball Moms are just as attractive as Soccer Moms
Peak in sub-genre #33
produced by Steve Soucy & Heidi McCurdy
Peak in sub-genre #84
we feel and act the way the media tells us to
Peak position #43 1
Peak position #100
If you have to get away again, why should I be the one waiting around?
Peak position #42
A story song about a little girl, that doesn't fit in with the crowd
Peak in sub-genre #30
Why do we turn our heads?
Peak in sub-genre #30
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