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A song off of my Pre-Mixtape can download this at
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A song off of my Pre-Mixtape can download this at
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Frank Ocean
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Haven't uploaded a new song in a minute. This song is very old, but it's new to you guys. So, take a listen. The song is about giving God your all and your best praise, while you still have a chance.
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I haven't uploaded a song in months! I've recorded numerous songs since my last upload but decided not to upload everything that I do. But I couldn't resist uploading this one, so may be a while before my next upload ;-)
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All my songs get cut off in the end, but here's the first upload of 2011!!
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Someone asked me 2 upload a few of my hooks in A'Capella so that they could listen, so here's a few. Some of these hooks hasn't been uploaded on soundclick ever, so enjoy. ;-)
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This song is my flavor of a Christmas Song, talking about how I am grateful for all of the things that I have and that it'll be okay if I don't get anything this Christmas cuz i'll always be blessed ;-)
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When I was little I used 2 always pretend to text Jesus. So I imagined me in a world where it was actually possible to text him. And I did text him.....I said "ily" which is SMS Language for I Love You. I know you'll enjoy this one.
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Here are 4 snippets that you can expect to hear in the near future! Enjoy ;-)
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When the holyghost comes upon you, you shall receive power. Anybody got power? ....I do ;-)
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Here are snippets of 3 tracks that i've been working on.
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Featuring my sister Teara, and my cousins Myles Hall and Valencia Davis. We all share Verse 1 and Myles and I sings the Vamp. There is no verse 2, I deleted it.
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My little cousin and I singing. He actually did very good considering the fact that his voice just started puberty.
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