Moker Jarrett
Country Jacksonville, FL  USA
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Moker Jarrett ASCAP with Lucky Stiff, a classic rock group from Jacksonville, Florida has released Ready to Fly a new CD under Run to the Sun Publishing/ASCAP.
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Peak position #49
Rough writer's worktape- Joe Ryan -lyric Moker Jarrett -music. Headed to Nashville with the highest of hopes and going through what the 99% go through waitin' for that big break.
Peak position #29 1 1
Americana sytyle song about a fella too weak to keep it together enough to keep his girl around to enjoy. Another Joe Ryan/ Lyrics Moker Jarrett/ Music worktape All Rights Reserved
Peak position #21
My good friend Joe Ryan, an up and coming lyricist with a wealth of life experiences to pull from, gave me a shot at coming up with some music for this. Just a Rough worktape here for now.
Peak position #21
Hoffman/Jarrett/-original version Gilbert/Gregg-added as authors for cut version
Peak position #52 1
On the banks of the Shenandoah River Lovers contemplate the depth of their love and the life ahead of them. writers Tom Yeager/Moker Jarrett-ASCAP demo by A1A Audio Productions
Peak position #32
Girl that comes strollin in is so hot it puts a plan in motion amongst the guys...the wingman code of honor is called upon to help reach the destination.
Peak in sub-genre #16 6 4
Beautiful melody and story of a girl burned by love who finds refuge in divine love. written by Dale Peaden BMI & Moker Jarrett ASCAP Magicshack Nashville-Jason Roller,Dennis Parker Publishing by My Three Kids Music/ Nashville
Peak in sub-genre #13
Good timin' , honky tonkin', weekend cuttin' up, blue collar good ole boys livin' for the weekend blitz. writers-Moker Jarrett/ Dale Peaden Magicshack Nashville- Jason Roller guitars-Parker Diffie Vocals
Peak position #33 2
Guy Finally Gets the importance of having a true love in his life. Rebecca Dale Peaden -BMI/Moker Jarrett-ASCAP Demo by Magicshack Nashville
Peak position #26 3 2
Writers: Moker Jarrett ASCAP/ Rebecca Dale BMI Magicshack Nashville Jason Roller guitars- Dennis Parker -vocals
Peak in sub-genre #34 3
Smalltown Girl with big dreams figures out how to get the heck outta Dodge. Writers-Rebecca Dale/BMI-Moker Jarrett/ASCAP-Will Hurley/BMI- Magicshack Nashville- Jason Roller-Brittany Allyn
Peak position #86 3 2
Rebecca Dale/BMI-Moker Jarrett/ASCAP Magicshack-Nashville-Jason Roller-guitars Dennis Parker-vocals...The impact of losing his best friend touches his soul and he is changed to straighten his path so that he too can end up in the right spot.
Peak in sub-genre #15 2
Radio Rock tune with a killer chorus Released as the title track for Moker Jarrett with Lucky Stiff 'Ready to Fly' --Run to the Sun Publishing/ASCAP
Peak position #11 1
Uptempo Country Rock Janice Hopkins/Pete Gellatin/Moker Jarrett Story about a guys lucky life. Demo by A1A Audio Productions.
Peak position #77 1
Good Timin' Bluegrass song about young love turnin' out good ... Songwriters Rebecca Dale Peaden-BMI/ Moker Jarrett- ASCAP(C) 2007 Magicshack Nashville- Jason Roller, Dennis Parker
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