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Simon & Garfunkle, Cat Stevens, John Lennon, Harry Chapin, Al Stewart, Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson, Beatles, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and
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Peak position #96
"Then the lightning filled the air, walls of fire everywhere..." An unusual anti-war song, about nano-robotic warfare - the silent killing things.
Peak in sub-genre #40 1
Another love lost song, rythmic fingerpicking and heavy bass. "Awaking in a cold sweat, the air is black and wet..."
Peak in sub-genre #58
Old age and unfulfilled dreams, in 3/4 time.
Peak in sub-genre #41 1 1
...especially Love
Peak in sub-genre #67
'...I love you less but need you more, this makes me a little insane.' Spacy acoustic folk-rock, some say it fell off the White Album.
A Hollywood working girl. She's going back home someday....
Peak position #29
Anti-employment song, written while at work - sorry, Boss! Acoustic country rock, Dan on banjo. "A father with a family has to work to pay the rent. A revolutionary pays the dues for his dissent..."
Peak in sub-genre #43
'...I received a letter that contained my destiny...' A haunting historical ballad about Charlie Chaplin.
Peak in sub-genre #59
Driven acoustic song about endings, beginnings, and the painful gap between. "From lovers laughs and loyal lies, a fear you can't disguise..."
Peak in sub-genre #43 1 2
Quick alternate country song. Title says it all. "Ive heard your crazy stories, known about your Lynn's and Lorie's..."
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