Lady Fiya
HipHop USA
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Chicago female lyricist Lady Fiya
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Something quite different from the music I normally make. I love the guitars, Kfied perfected this beat... I couldn't resist, I had to do a remix for my boy, Hard Target. 'This is me whether you like it or not!'
This song I began to write a bit ago and I wanted to hit Love with a common topic -Hard Times- but a unique angle that I haven't heard anyone else touch before. The full track will be placed on the mixtape. Stay Tuned!!!
When you acknowledge the fact that you have fallen and things that happen are out of your hands, you make your way into new changes in your life - ones for the better. This is a song of strength.
Upbeat but mellow at the same time
What do you do when you can't take the relationship no more? Leave. One realizes how good it was the millisecond it's gone.
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A battle verse I did against this dude. :)
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