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Music in every style -- except dull. Mostly comedy folk-rock, but I've written every genre from opera to hip-hop to Klezmer.
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ARRR! The official chanty fer International Talk Like A Pirate Day
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And a jet pack. And that computer Tom Cruise had in MINORITY REPORT. And AF 709 from MY LIVING DOLL....
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Ever wonder why it's called that...? No, no, I didn't think you did. Heh heh heh.
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Ahhh, those fine Renaissance wenches, and their huge... tracts o' land. Not exactly bawdy, but the kids Just Might Not Get It.
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How many versions of the same universal file format do you NEED!?
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Kids have imaginary friends -- so why can't I have an imaginary mortal enemy...?
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Some people love the creations of comic legend Jack Kirby. Some people go a little overboard....
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Turns out that Harry Potter's best friend, Hermione Granger, has a serendipitous natal day....
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Lars needs airplay. ;)
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I also don't have time for a song description.
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Can't have just plain old insomnia, can ya? Noooooo....
Hey! I've got Barenaked Ladies in my back seat!
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And now, a word from our sponsors: Are you having trouble dealing with all the possibilities of existence? Give us a call!
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We Three Kings of Orient ARRR!
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A sober analysis of the transition from feudal rulership to a government of laws... or else The Medieval People's Court.
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