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To be written by Holly is Lisa and Keith's web site. Visit us there.
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MERRY CHRISTMAS, from me and mine, to you and yours. It's all about the gift, not the presents. Yaknowhatimean?
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Like being a kid again.
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After crtitques at and, this is a new version. slightly different beginning, ending, and lyrics
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After some helpfull critiques from the good people at and I made some changes to the music.
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From a great concept and hook by Tom Solanto. Sometimes life is not all soaring and singing...
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For the hymn challenge at Christian to update an old, public domain hymn. This was based on Jesus loves me. It took first place.
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After some great feedback, here's the latest version of I Forgive You. Lyrics by Holly Moeller(with a few tweakeroonies by Keith) and music by Keith Rowe
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A collaboration with Deb on being frustrated, and how we sometimes want to turn away from God, when that is the very time to turn toward Him.
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I revisited the very first collaboration i ever did with Deb Rempel. Deb's lyrics keep me coming back time and time again. This is about coming to the end of our rope, and finding Jesus there waiting.
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For a Challenge on - lyrics by Deb Rempel. Music by Keith Rowe. It sounds nothing like a hymn. It came in second.
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