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This is one from my distant past, sparked by a long strange trip through middle America. First mix.
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An elegy for an old-time record company executive (third mix).
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A fast-tempo, damn-the-year-end-blues rocker. Composed, recorded and mixed in haste....repenting at leisure.
BAGHDAD IS BURNING is about terrorism's familiar face and how it's staring at us all....whether we care to look back or not. This version features the exceptional guitar work of M.
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Klepto Abysmal, the progenitor of this project, has kindly allowed Michael Park to add it to his list of musical evacuations in return for Park agreeing to stand as a character witness for Mr. Abysmal at his upcoming sentencing hearing.
My entry in the Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge, a controversial contest run by the CBC, Canada's big public broadcaster.
BRUCE'S BONES: A depressed old WWII veteran with some unconventional agricultural practices encounters a vicious small-town dope dealer.
GONNA GET DRUNK is about getting dumped. It starts with popping a beer and finishes with an empty bank account, a broken bed and an aversion to blonde-haired women.
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