Artificial Harmony
Electronic wpg, Canada
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An industrial collaboration of multilayer synthesizers, drum machines, and distorted vocals make up Artificial Harmony
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This IS Artificial Harmony. After years of experimentation and composition of various genres, I have found the sound that describes my creative output in (near) perfection. Enjoy - it was a pleasure working on it.
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The newest from AH - I just got back into producing, as I went through a 'dry period', and had little enthusiasm. I've come out of it now, so hope you enjoy!
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Analog pads, Poly leads, and a modular bassline create Eyes Of Ecstasy.
A cover of New Order's 'Blue Monday', with a blending of influence from the original, as well as Orgy's cover, clashes in perfect harmony to create a heavier, pure electronic version of the well known song.
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Kind of a cross between EBM/Synth-Pop.
Peak in sub-genre #16
I decided to produce an EBM/Nu Industrial song, and this was the product. I may record vocals in the future, but for now, its remaining instrumental. Enjoy!
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Peak in sub-genre #32
This song really builds on the whole 'Rivethead' psych built by bands - mainly FLA
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