Heather Enid Wells
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Yet another songwriter-guitarist-singer. In that order. Though I earn my living mostly playing bass.
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Peak position #24
Fingerpicking guitar instrumental. This is all one guitar with no double-tracking.
Peak position #40
A very clean song. Though maybe a bit steamy.
Peak in sub-genre #31 1
An authentically styled ragtime piece, this is all one guitar with no overdubs or multi-tracking. This is the final version and is shorter and a little brisker than the previous ones from 2009 and 2012.
Peak position #55
From The Simplicity Suite, an expressive and sophisticated-sounding guitar instrumental but, as the name (almost) implies, quite easy to play!
Peak position #46 5
An expressive classical guitar piece from my Simplicity Suite, dedicated to my dear friend Sandy Allen who died 15th April 2009
Peak position #63
Very easy guitar instrumental from my collection, The Simplicity Suite
Peak position #65
Easy guitar instrumental, the title track of The Simplicity Suite
Peak position #23 2
Guitar, vocal and fretless bass combine to mourn the loss of a close friendship, puzzlement as to why, and despair at the impossibility of trying to act normally.
Peak position #78
Love song with intricate fingerstyle guitar accompaniment incorporating arpeggios, a little counterpoint and, in places, a chromatic bassline.
A short teaching piece from my forthcoming 'Simplicity' suite
Peak position #89
A moving song ... Oh, yes, it is! This is a preview version, with the guitar and vocal recorded together.
Peak position #57 1
Vocal with counterpoint-style guitar accompaniment. The finished version as on the album.
Peak in sub-genre #50 3
The original recording of this fingerpicking guitar instrumental. This is all one guitar with no double-tracking, a bit rough as I had only just written the piece, and it was still taking shape.
Peak in sub-genre #17 3 1
A series of scenes from my young days, with musical illustrations. If you grew up in England in the 'sixties, you'll groan in recognition. If not, you'll probably be baffled. Gilly is my sister - and every word IS true.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1 1
'I Don't Write the Songs, I only write them down.' This song is not related to any other with a similar title. It has a very unusual slow 7/4 timing but doesn't really feel like a broken beat. Well, not the way I hear it, anyway...
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