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When I Grow Up is an interactive, environmental drama with music. Greed is the villain and the children are the heroes. This is a story about how, in the name of greed our Mother Earth is being destroyed, threatening all life. . .
Album: When I Grow Up - a Fairy Tale Or Is It Peak position #14
The first dream, the Swan and his forest friends greet the children with great anger. But with the purest of intent, the power of the childrens desire to save the Forest melts away the coldness of the Swans heart. The animals and Forest sing a song
Album: When I Grow Up - a Fairy Tale Or Is It Peak position #13
Running Deer, a young soon-to-be chief awaits the children in their second dream. He shares his story of how, in the name of greed, the boat people came to his land and wanted everything for themselves, killing buffalo and forcing the Native American
Album: When I Grow Up - a Fairy Tale Or Is It Peak position #14
In the 3rd dream, a powerful voice guides the children through the big city. The voice is of a Street Evangelist. She sings about change. How can we make lasting changes for the better, if we dont first look inside ourselves.
Album: When I Grow Up - a Fairy Tale Or Is It Peak position #16
The children find the Great Wizard Master Alchemist after they awaken. He teaches them about alchemy. Alchemy is magic, any kind of magic. It is possible to change the thoughts and ideas of another when you speak with clear intent from your heart.
Album: When I Grow Up - a Fairy Tale Or Is It Peak position #13
The Wizard stresses the importance to the children of working alchemy on the greedy King, by sharing their dreams and fear for no future. This is a story of empowerment for our children, it also teaches responsibility.
Album: When I Grow Up - a Fairy Tale Or Is It Peak position #12
The King has a horrible nightmare. Listen to find out how the story ends.
Peak position #19 2 1
Can't Stop This - Root Chakra, is a story waiting to be told. This song brings together various dance and music genres all rolled into one. Get ready. Put on your dancing shoes, and feel the love! Free download.
Peak position #14
Enter the sacred space of your heart where dreams become manifest. The desires of your heart are real and only you can bring them to life in this reality. An idea may begin in your mind, but it is your HEART, which gives them life.
Peak position #68
The Third Eye Chakra song uses a mix of modern drum sounds as well as Middle Eastern and Latin Drums. Mantras from two different religions are introduced in this song. The Hare Krishna mantra is Hindu and Nam-yo-ho-renge-quo is a Buddhist mantra.
Peak position #21
This is the last track it resonates on the note 'B'. Listen, as the theme from 'Can't Stop This' is also heard in this song, but the tempo is faster indicative of the high frequency at which you vibrate. The gong at the ends signals ur ASCENSION
#39 (Sub-genre)
The musical note for this Chakra is "D" Resonate on this note as the music plays and enjoy your journey.
Peak position #61
This is a vocal version of the original instrumental version "Can't Stop This Love."
Peak position #11 1 1
Throat Chakra Say what you mean. Mean what you say song was created on the musical note G which resonates with the Throat Chakra. The flute and orchestral strings add calmness and stability within a laid back jazz structure. Click "more' to read
Peak position #26
I had 6 Djembe tracks laying around that I never got to use for creating backing tracks for my song Camel Waltz. So, pick up a drum and drum with me. Have fun!
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