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Peak in sub-genre #69
Remix by alchemystic ( Good job Adam!!
Peak in sub-genre #65
1st RPM challenge song. I think it's probably the best of my efforts. The chord structure is good. The singing is OK considering I live in a flat and can't sing above a certain level.
Peak in sub-genre #55 2 1
Motown meets The Smiths (How pretentious of me). The only song I could sing properly on (at someones house). Guitar solo bit is the best thing I did in the whole month.
Decent song, dodgy vocals. Chorus is somethink like Kirsty MacColl would've done.
I was on my last legs when I did this one! Vocals are VERY dodgy in places. I wouldn't care the song is okay but underdeveloped. Guitar solo is bordering on desperate, 1st attempt!
A Full on rocker, I think I did the guitars after 5 pints in the Labour Club. Sounds like Gazza and Jimmy Nail singing, very depressing! :-)
Peak in sub-genre #52 2
Remix but vox need redoing A-bloody-GAIN!!!:-)
Reggae and Hardcore punk, what was I thinking? I left the original nonsense vocal track on as I couldn't sing anything better by that point. The best bass playing I think I've ever done though!! That's the only reason it passed.
A Hodge-podge of sh***e!! Worst song by a mile, bad guitars, awful vocals and any song that starts with the lyrics 'I'm looking for chip fat to put in me hybrid car' deserves all it gets!! ***Full lyrics below***
Written, recorded and mixed in three hours on the final day as I had to replace a song even worse than Bubble. By this time I was a nervous wreck and everything is a first take. Very ropey but a good effort I reckon. After a solid month of slogging I
I must've had a hangover from those 5 pints in the Labour club when I wrote this, very downbeat. Sounds great at the start but falls away a bit, decent chord sequence in the verses though.
Peak in sub-genre #59 1
I wrote a dance song as an exercise. Inspired by the Home Made Hit Show. The vocals are as good as you'll get from me:-)
Remixed by Brandon Hire.
Peak position #73
Booze free rock.
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