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sometimes.. a job that is completely different can be quite appealing
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they say murder is a sin against the 10 commandments if you ask someone who does harm in the world to step in front of a train... and they lose their life due to their own refusal to look outside themselves... is it a sin?
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The song has a 50's Rock type of feel. It takes a light-hearted look at a Lumber Store chain located in North Jersey. It examines what the place would really be like on an afternoon when it is over-run with Lesbians.
'cabbage' refers to $$$ in the tune
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This one is about what it's like no longer be a kid but still having dreams of being a rock star.
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This one is for those who have a soft spot for Philadelphia.
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A song about how far we still have to go before there will be peace in the world.
Unique song. Clever lyric that looks at the reality of the closing of Disneyland the evening of 911. It a chilling perspective that leaves room for a better future. Simple Recording. Worth a listen and a purchase.
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