Greg Fields
Rock Raleigh, NC  USA
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Another one-man-band in an increasingly crowded field.
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Peak position #19
Peak position #88
A metaphor for my life at this time.
Peak position #29
A little rhythm and blues piece, about 4 minutes, with some soul added by Carla Cooke who graciously gave up some of her lunch break to sing back-up for me.
Peak position #21
Peak in sub-genre #31
Peak in sub-genre #35
Peak in sub-genre #31
Early acoustic version of The Girl Of My Dreams, recorded in 1979 on a TEAC A-3440 reel-to-reel.
Peak position #21
Boy meets girl and good things happen.
Peak position #62
A (mostly) true story. A cautionary tale, to hopefully discourage your teenage children from hitchhiking with drunks on motorcycles. Thanks to Anna Young for singing the girl's part.
Peak in sub-genre #46
A short song written to try out a new synth. I used the Zero G Vocaloid-Miriam soft synth for the background vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #22
Peak position #70
High school fun.
Peak in sub-genre #46
A toy, something I was playing with.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Another silly love song.
Peak position #50
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