Rob Lincoln
Acoustic Mt Laurel, NJ  USA
Thank you!
My original traditional sounding Irish song. Meant for a better voice than I. If you want to cover it, I will promote it and post a link to your version. Written during FAWM 2016.
#8 today (Sub-genre)
I posted this because someone had expressed interest in covering it, but never did. I believe it needs a lyric change. Instead of "She's the Spirit of the Earth" it should now be "Water Spirit of the Earth" because it makes more sense
Peak position #69
In honor of the drummer who died at aged 19. A couple of lines can be improved still.
#67 today (Sub-genre)
Finger picking tale of a lonely man from OKC
Peak position #94
Short quirky mild fingerpicking blues
Peak position #84
Crunching garage rocker that's just a bit hard to understand--I'll send the first listener to write down all the lyrics correctly a $25 gift card to Borders.
Peak in sub-genre #7
A cover of song #58 written 26 yrs ago about my mom (who died last week)
Peak in sub-genre #15
Part Mamas & Papas, part Jefferson Airplane, all original
Peak in sub-genre #11
Surreal lyrics and a bit of a Grateful Dead feel
Peak in sub-genre #21
Tongue in cheek narrated by a moron, feel is a bit of early Stones and ? & the Mysterians
Peak in sub-genre #7
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