morbeef presents megamole
Alternative quezon city, Philippines
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the anti-band, the concoction of a hungry stomach and mind behind the moustache.
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Peak position #87
some time ago a few years back i was with this band who was into punk rock and alternative and what not this was a song that my band used to play and even got some nice chart action here on soundclick anyway here is my reworked version of the song
Peak in sub-genre #35
the remix to night of the endless dances featuring Jantoy Sadorra on drums and Ian Martinez on Bass a waltzy electronic and prog-y ditty enjoy
Peak position #52
My tribute to the Dark Flash story arc from way back some technical notes: my inspiration for the lyrics and theme of the song is taken from Flash# 149 ( the dark flash alternate universe story line)- from way back as far as i can remember i was
Peak position #72
a song about highschool nostalgia and sing alongs
Peak in sub-genre #23
a remix of the song comicbook heroes which was originally done under my solo project the morbeef presents megamole . this version features Jantoy banging the shizzit for the drum tracks and deviates from the previous single guitar orchestration with
a cover of ron wasserman's x-men opening theme from the nineties cartoon show (hard rock and some metal here) guitars,bass,synth-pj martinez also featuring jantoy sadorra on the drums
Peak in sub-genre #76
me versus jantoy sadorra on a open guitar-drum jam
Peak in sub-genre #27
remastered and updated oct 2009 the song itself is about last dances of the prom night or the grad ball notice na waltz beat yung ginagamit ko sa song (3/4)-- at sobrang daming layers.. notice den the use of no.35 string ensemble
a metalocalypse rip off for my non-existent v-log hahahaha
Peak in sub-genre #94
a poem written by sam pizarro which was then made into a song also featuring all of my siblings on the track ian bass hya vox PJ-drums,guitar,melodica,percs
game show music for correct answes
Peak position #44
a song project ive been working for upm polis contest no. i play all instruments horns come from my casio keyboard go easy... melodies yet i have lyrics and i 'll be working on this song soon
Peak position #62 1
a reworked version of one of my first multi track recordings... this version includes a reworked bassline and is my first recording using drum pads. the song is somewhat reminiscent of j rock and j metal anime theme songs hence also the cheesy lyrics
a 4 track recording of me wanking drums, guitar and bass after almost a month of no serious guitar playing whew... and is also a sketch for what probably would be used for my friend's internet ad
a song to be used for a mock up film trailer for a book we produced last summer entitled bulokrasya ( an amalgamation of the tagalog words for rotten and bureaucracy) which features a world where pigs act as humans hence the oink wordings - a parody
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