HipHop covington, USA
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DRE BEAT - DRE H.P ENVY - BEATS HEADPHONES. WE BE DOIN IT. - BEST KUSH REMIX OUT - DOWNLOAD FREE NOW B. Soul - Love Recession - Spring 2011 Meer Mighty - The Presentation - Spring 2011 Bizerk Da Jerk - Crossin Lines - Spring 2011
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Crossin Lines now available on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/crossin-lines/id423384324
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2011 Crossin Lines by: Bizerk Da Jerk available on iTunes Now. Please Call your local urban radio stations and request this song.
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Instrumental Produced By Anno Domini. Vocals By Bizerk Da Jerk. All other versions of Primal Urge Are Weak. Domini Holla.
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