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I'm just a gear crazy guitar player that like to share clips of different amps, guitars and pedals. Naturally it’s nice if someone likes my playing as well ;-)
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This is my Custom By Cougar ODS-style (non HRM 100w 6L6I) and the Hollow Soloway Swan guitar. The amazing OD on for the whole clip only bridge pickup used..
Peak position #12
A second clip with the hoillow body Soloway Swan Guitar. This time with the OD on the Custom By Cougar Cowboy 45 amp. This guitar and amp REALLY SINGS, listen to the last minute for some singing feedback.. GREAT FUN..
Peak in sub-genre #54
The is my latest Soloway Swan, a hollow one with two single coils. It's playd through my Cowboy 45 amp, made by Tommy Cougar (Custom b Cougar)
Peak position #19
A clip with my new Custom By Cougar amp. Boost ON, OD OFF, pre amp volume is at 11 o'clock or so with variable boost rather high so it's quite a bit i drive. Guitar is Soloway T-27, bridge (tele) pickup...
Peak position #91
A clip with my new Custom By Cougar amp. Just the clean sound no boost or OD, pre amp volume is at 11 o'clck or so it's not clean clean so to speak.. Guitar is Soloway T-27, bridge (tele) pickup...
Peak position #7
Another 'LiveLoop' experiment, not as long this time. First it is a chaotic loop, fading in to harmony then back to some chaos
Peak position #25
The is a rather long Echoplex Digital Pro Looper improvisation. One take no overdubs (other than the loops). Only effects are the EDP and a digital delay used with the amp and a ping pong delay added in mix. All other sounds are made with guitar.
A short loop improvisation with my latest Swan. A Aqua blue burst korina with maple top equipped with Lollas Firebird style mini humbucker. Amp is Custom By Cougar ODS style (Hideaway). Bridge pickup and a LOT of OD :-)
Peak position #33
A looping experiment using Echoplex looper (EDP). Its one loong loop, using feedback, insert and unrounded multiply to make it evolve. Other gear is Soloway Swan and a custom by Cougar ODS style amp.
#63 (Sub-genre) 1
Lucids great 'backing' (actually a real song... )Tidepool, using Soloway Fledgling, Custom By Cougar MBS amp with the 'catulator' as extra master to go down to bedroom volume.
Peak position #3 1
The Custom By Cougar snake MBS amp, the Cougar CatuLator and Sloway Fledging guitar
Peak position #46
The amazing Custom By Cougar Mystic Blue Star amp and the geat IA Mercury Guitar with altec speaker...
Peak position #20
The bluest guitar ever my Soloway T27 though a Custom By Cougar MBS 100w amp (ODS Style). OD channel - I'm just guing crazy Tele style..
Peak in sub-genre #47 1
The new Cougar Mystic Blues Star ODS style amp. 'Clean' channel with the boost on the guitar is my Spruce topped hollow Chapin Hawk
Peak position #3
A NEW COUGAR AMP, Mystic Blue Star with ice blue swan guitar. OD channel and PABm g12-65 speaker.
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