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A hymn of confession, repentence and dedication/sending. A song about mercy and social justice. I wrote the text and Rebecca Bales, who sings and plays on this track, wrote the tune. CCLI #4974842
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Musicians on this single have shared the stage with Norah Jones, Derek Webb and more. My collaborator Brooks Ritter sings lead on this cut from the album 'Before The Throne' (available at CCLI #4878333
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Chad Lewis on vocals/guitar in this song of adoration. Focusing on the death, resurrection, ascension and Second Coming of Christ, truly 'Lord of all.' CCLI #4878302
A guitar-based arrangement featuring vocalist Lorie King, BGV Christa Webb and guitarist Scott Daniel. See the piano version by Rebecca Bales Elliott
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CCLI #5041626 Lorie King ( sings on this song of dedication to God, the 'deep calling to the deep,' the longing of a Christian for His God, 'more than any earthly thing.'
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CCLI#4878364. Rebecca Bales sings and plays on this contemporary hymn we wrote together. 'When I was chained to greed and pride/ Tight-fisted, destined just to die/ You paid my debt and bought my life/ All I have is Yours.'
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CCLI# 4906982 -- A Call To Worship/Adoration song that focuses our hearts on God, His attributes and the various ways Father, Son, and Spirit work on our behalf, as revealed through scripture.
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Lorie King sings and Scott Daniel plays guitar on this new ballad I wrote with Rebecca Dennison. CCLI # 4913872
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CCLI #4925028 A Confession Hymn for Pentecost. A plea for the Holy Spirit to revive our hearts for worship and witness.
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CCLI# 4878223. Lorie King ( sings this crucifixion song that ties in the atonement with Christ the Word's role in creating and sustaining all things. He gave His life for us on the very tree He created.
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CCLI # 4983321 A call to worship song celebrating the Holy Spirit. This hymn was written for the season of Pentecost during the Christian Year, although it would be appropriate year 'round. Chad Lewis sings and plays guitar on this track.
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Based on Thomas' declaration 'My Lord and my God' after encountering the risen Jesus, it's all about Christ's role in creating, redeeming, sustaining and inspiring. CCLI #4877626
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A simple country-gospel hymn, a song for the Sending/Dedication, written with Lorie King, the vocalist on this demo. CCLI #4913834
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Classic-sounding hymn in 88.88.88 meter w/ refrain. Music written and played by a fantastic pianist/composer, Dan Cassin. Vocalist Brooks Ritter sings this song of unity and love. CCLI#4878371
CCLI# 4878319 A prayer of illumination that focuses on our need for, and allegiance to, the Word Of God. Written with Chandi Plummer (keys and vocals) and Lorie King.
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