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Im a songwriter who writes songs for others to perform or recreate. I am looking for singers/bands/publishers/producers who need new songs ready to fly!
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Thanks SO MUCH to AJ for amazing vox, Michael Spiby and Stew Long for producing, Stew and Jake Long for final mix and Caleb Miller, Michael Smith for engineering, and the fab UTAS Con Superband for beautiful instrumentation and friendship. xx
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My first song that I watched being produced from start to finish! Thanks so much to Michael Spiby, Stewart Long, Jake Long for this fab mix, Sam McKinlay's awesome vox, Caleb Miller, Michael Smith, Dave Carter and the top Con Super Band. xx
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UTAS song, any subject. Breaking up.
Peak position #58
A song for others to use, based on missing my songwriting life for a short while.
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A UTAS assignment song I had a lot of fun with (for others to perform as usual). I have always been fascinated with lifts and their energy so this bit of silliness had to happen sometime or other!
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UTAS assignment song using no tonic...written in C but not allowed to finish there!
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UTAS assignment song, free choice. A cynical song about Paris when I visited in semester break. Now I am happier I hope to go back and write a truer city of love song!
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UTAS assignment song based my choice of phrase, chose one about finding ones true self
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UTAS assignment song about a childhood memory. A song written for others to perform.
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UTAS assignment song based on choice of poem, mine on Speaking by Kahil Gibran
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