John E Memphis
HipHop St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
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Born and raised Newfoundland & Labrador , living in St John'S right now, All my music is Free . Hope you like it.
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Prod. By Telling Beatz. This is a song for my brother who just recenly passed away. He went missing in Sept 3rd 2011 in Bc and was found a week later. This one is for him. I Love you bro.
St John's Newfoundland Hip Hop, This song, lyrics and video was all made by me. The beat was made by Louden music but i changed it. Please share this if you like it.
1 1 Song is featuring Jen Reid Jen Hillier and Chris Head, Very fun track
Newfoundland Hip Hop
Popular- John E Memphis - 2013 , soopA
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