Lethal Wreckords
HipHop Saugerties, NY  USA fury860.com
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leathal wreckords
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Leathal Wreckords
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Track by White Out props to darksidez productions on the fiya bangin beat
The Past The Present And The Future all balled into 1 song explaing events that have drastically changed this one man's life...definitely an emotional banger peep this!!! MAAAD PROPS TO EMOTION L on the beat!!!
Basically a song about struggling with one's inner demons and hitting rock bottom with every endeavor one has tried to overcome, and trying to firgure out what comes next..Off of White Out's 860 LP...Much Love to Emotion L on the beat..
Track off of White Out's 860 LP sending a simple message to all you persons that hate on us....f*** YOU!!! And you mutha f***as know who were talking to...Props to Emotion L on the blazin hot beat...
Mattrix & Ether Just Straight Rippin It..A Track Off Mattrix's 'Rare New And Old' Cd Available Only At Fury's Brand New Website Fury860.com..Tons Of Music Available For Download And Is Also The Official PLan B Purchasing Plant!!
This song hit #1 in the Hip Hop charts...Off of Fury's Plan B CD Ft. White Out, Ether, DZK, & Spice 1...Props to The Mexican on the beat!!
This Is The Result Of A Man Who Has Tried Everything In This Rap Game And He Keeps Running Into Obstacles, Heartless Selfish People & Them Haters..So When All Else Fails... RESORT TO PLAN B!!!
The Latest Sampler Off Fury's Long Awaited 'PLAN B' LP Due To Drop October 31st, 2006!! Muh Fukkas Betta Look Like Coppin That sh***t!! GONNA BE HOT!!
Oldie But Goodie And Soon To Be Classic The Famed Track By LW Heavyhitters Mattrix And Fury 'Current Situation' This Song Will Always Be Ill So Fukk You Sucka!
Taking It Back A Couple Years With This One But This sh***tt Is Still Blazin Hot You Cokk Buffin Hater Flamer Fags!!
A Classic Song From A Mixtape Made Back When Times Were Different Between 2 People...But Leathal Wreckords Will ALWAYS Stand Strong..
The Latest From J-Martyr And Its Featuring The Great Furious One...Hot Song From Beginning To End!!
Legin & Martyr Burning This sh*** Up Leathal Wreckords All Day 2006 N FOREVER!!
ILL Fukkin Song Off A Recent Mixtape...This Song Is Wicked As f***..Step Up And Get Stabbed Down!! MWWHAHAHAHA!!
Mattrix Making It Clear That He Is Hear To Stay With This One!!! Ladies And Gentleman The Critically Acclaimed... MATTRIX!
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