21st Century Worship
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21st Century Worship - Worship and Praise from Today's heart to eternity's God
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Peak in sub-genre #27
A song dealing with the paradox of Jesus as God and the lamb of God.
Peak in sub-genre #70
About Christ - the Way.
Peak in sub-genre #49
A communion song
Peak in sub-genre #34
CCM tune from Jesus' Parable of the seed/soils
Peak in sub-genre #82
the song 'Unchanging Love', as performed and recorded at Kenmore Community Church Sunday morning service, March 16, 2008.
Peak in sub-genre #58
too many times I hear worship songs where the singer is going on about how in love with God they are. In short - I don't believe it. for one, we fail all the time. If you say love, live love. Secondly, what is the love I give compared to what he dese
Peak in sub-genre #72 1
This song is about Christ's mandate for us to be His instruments to reach people with his message of Good News.
Peak in sub-genre #93
What Christmas is actually about.
This is a song about death: about death as a victory for believers in Christ.
Peak in sub-genre #34
It seems to me, and it occurs to me a lot of people won't get it, that the only thing more humbling than being bound by sin is when God finally frees you from it.
Peak in sub-genre #40
This song is about needing a fresh, new touch from God every day we live. Most references were drawn straight from Biblical references/applications of the use of oil in Biblical times.
Peak in sub-genre #11
You know the song - it's Amazing Grace. This has a short refrain added that makes no attempt to even share the stage with this timeless tune. It's only an attempt to point the spotlights on it a bit more brightly
Peak in sub-genre #46
If Paul was Irish, and wrote his letter to the Roman Church whilst sitting in a local pub, the first part of chapter six might have been something like this. Err, yeah. A celtic feel, 'Irish drinking song' sort of music. A celbration of our u
Peak in sub-genre #68
This song come right out of Pauls letter to the Romans. The point of the passage, with all the listing of things that CANNOT separate us from Jesus, is simply this: NOTHING can separate us from His love.
Peak in sub-genre #55
Such Joy, simply stated, is a variation of Psalm 1. In 2003 I was reading the Bible through in the New Living Transalation. This song is one of the results of that endeavor. The recording quality is not good. I put this out here so it can be heard, n
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