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I play all of my own bass and drum backing tracks (unfortunately) This is a Marshall 2061x with Div By 13 2x12 open back cab loaded w/Celestion Golds. First guitar 0:00-0:50 is a 1964 Firebird V. Second guitar 0:58-1:38 is a 1959 slab board Telec
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1964 Gibson ES-345 on various vintage 5 - 10 watt amps
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The guitar track is recorded with my family asleep in the house at level below 'bedroom' volume using the Ultimate Attenuator. Amp is a Marshall 2061x with a 1953 Les Paul PAF conversion. The speaker cab is loaded with two Celestion Golds.
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The first Telecaster has an original pickup, the second has been ptted to reduce squealing at high volumes
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same clip With Hammond B-3
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This is a 1967 ES345 played through a late 1950's Supro amp. My friend played a 1964 Gibson EB-3 bass through a 1964 Ampeg B-15N.
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PAF's P-90's and Firebird Pickups on a vintage Supro amp.
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This is a quick track I threw together to compare two modern amps with an old Traynor head. For fun, all tracks are recorded with shure SM81s. First I play a Two Rock Emerald pro, second amp heard is a Matchless DC30, last is the old Traynor....
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A "Cream" style backing track I made playing drums, bass and rhythm guitar.
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Guitars are heard in reverse order as pictured... from RIGHT to LEFT. Played "clean" on a Komet KF50 Limited Edition
Neck Pickups on the Gibson Solidbodies Pictured Above. First the 53 PAF Conversion Goldtop, then the 52 P-90 Goldtop, 1964 Firebird III, last the 1976 Explorer with PAF's,
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