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EPIC, MYTHOLOGICAL & HISTORICAL, FICTION & FANTASY MUSIC SCORES FOR FILM & VIDEO. Contemporary versatile artist and composer of songs, score music and epic o
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Peak position #20 8
'17th Annual LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARD official NOMINATION' in the 'Film Score Orchestral' category. Composed & Arranged by DEMETRIOS KATIS, 'EMI's Platinum Disc Awarded Composer'.
Peak position #1 2
Powerful Dramatic Epic full Orchestral Score, describes the adventure of Odysseus during his dramatic journey from Troy back to Ithaka.Demetrios Katis, an EMI's PLATINUM AWARDED COMPOSER.
Peak position #29 1
At the time of Christ
Album: Europe - Hymn & Duty Peak position #1 3
HEROIC GLORIOUS -Grand orchestra / Opera / Narration. Lead Vocals: JAMES EDWARDS (British Royal Opera) - Narration JOE LAMACHIA (CNN, MIRAMAX,etc..) DEMETRIOS KATIS (Composer - Orchestrator) EMI's PLATINUM AWARDED COMPOSER, KOSTAS KATIS (Poetry)
Album: Real Epic Peak position #1 3
EPIC HEROIC Orchestral Film Score - Dedicated to the AMERICAN HEROES of ALAMO (the modern 300 Spartans, Davy Crocket was one of them). Composed & Arranged by DEMETRIOS KATIS, an EMI's PLATINUM AWARDED COMPOSER.
#30 (Sub-genre)
Orchestral Symphonic Metal
#92 (Sub-genre) 1 1
#36 (Sub-genre) 1
Peak in sub-genre #28
#15 (Sub-genre)
Peak position #26
Epic rock orchestral progressive
Peak position #33 2 1
composed and arranged by Demetrios Katis, performed by the Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra.
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