Electronic Parker, CO  USA
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HR 10-01-07
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Peak in sub-genre #22 4
An extremely uplifting trance track that's led by pianos and a heavenly choir!
Peak in sub-genre #98 1
Chill progressive house
Peak in sub-genre #19 3
A fast paced prog trancer from the Gimbal EP!
Peak in sub-genre #17 3
One might describe this track as musical, orchestral or smooth after a listen through the headphones, but it actually has a deep, crunchy bass to blast in a big room.
Peak position #64 2
An electro house BANGER! This is where you can download a high quality version to spin: http://hollidayrain.protagonistrecords.net/track/pitch-original-mix
Extremely chill and uplifting instrumental. Listen to this if you're depressed (cuz it'll make ya feel better, I hope!), haha!
Peak in sub-genre #63 2
This progressive/atmospheric trance remix of 'SGX - And All That Between' was featured on his latest album 'Wonderful Bite'! It's got enough bass to bang in a big room and enough musical touch to be listened to anywhere--definitely worth buying!
Peak position #76 3
Melodic progressive house with an extremely deep bassline, moving string lines and some plucks to keep it moving. Contact me for high quality version
Peak in sub-genre #13 2
ReMix of a few songs from my favorite childhood videogames! Those songs are Grace's Theme, Challenge and Dormie
Peak in sub-genre #25 2
Made this track chillin in the back seat of a car on my rest shift on a drive back to Colorado from Texas between Boise City, OK and Limon, CO. Glad to be back in Colorado! The title is not misspelled.
Peak in sub-genre #45 2
Been a while since I last posted since I've been workin on an EP and remixes which I can no longer post here. Check it out!
Peak in sub-genre #8 4
I had been meaning to produce some DnB for a while, and this was the interesting result. You'll have a take a listen to see what I mean...
Peak in sub-genre #19 3
6/1/2010-A crazy house track that is part old-school/lounge house with an organ-emulating bass, part new-school electro house with a heavily sidechained harsh electro-bass in the refrain and part progressive with my vintage progressions and melodics.
Peak in sub-genre #20 3
This trance track can only be described with these two words: batsh_t crazy. It has almost no structure, uses around five or six different chord progressions and three different moods....it was like a semester of pent up ideas sloshed together.
Peak in sub-genre #27 3
This track has a very Indian touch to it; also a BANGIN bass for sure. E-mail me for the original mix.
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