Zulu Kain (ZK)
HipHop Franklin, TN  USA Myspace.com/zulukain
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Friends and family, Let me introduce myself, I go by the name of Brandon Swift... But you all can call me Zulu Kain and I can be classified as a CHRISTIAN RAPPE
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Remember that you are never alone. No matter what life throws at you. No matter how down you feel.
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From the Free CD 'Critical Advancement Music' comming 12/5/08. Free Download. Prod. by HeartBeatzMuzic http://soundclick.com/heartbeatzmuzic
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One day we have that Sweet Innocence back.. One Day...
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Many people can relate to this. The Voice LP is coming soon!
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Produced By IannaI. Dont stay stuck in Between good and evil!
Produced by 95thbeats. It is what it is. Brotha T SPITS THE TRUTH on this one!
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Produced by 3rd Level Beats. Break away from the world before its too late.
Security. Prod. By Deady. I would love to give up everything I value in life to be secure. (Sarcasm).
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Prod. IannaI. Just Breathe and let go of all of your troubles. The lord is With you!
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Produced by PBLAZE! Were really in the last days? Are you for real?
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My Favorite Song off Truth Woot! Rock and Rap.
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I Pray you choose Christ before your time is up. 'Truth Woot!' Free CD out MAY 9th!!! God Bless!
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I know a lot of you are sick of Dumb Music... So Stop Making it. http://soundclick.com/misterka
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Truth Woot! Featuring Fatherz Chyld. Prod. by Planet Hyphy Records.
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This one is for anyone who ever feels as ifthey cant go on. Remember you have strength in Jesus Christ!
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