Matthew Shelton
Acoustic Cincinnati, OH  USA
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Clarity and confusion in acoustic rhythms cruisin, guitar, kalimba, mbira, jaw harp, words. Cincinnati Goner My magnet M.Shelton Matthew Shelton Wilsey Women an
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Peak position #79
psychedelic rock without the pretty colors
Peak in sub-genre #42
Kalimba, voice, pii joon flutes, drum, keys
Peak in sub-genre #62
kalimba, voice, violin, shakers, nyunga nyunga, steel drum
Peak in sub-genre #32
Guitar, voice, jaw harps, keyboard, cars passing by
Peak in sub-genre #34
song from the band, Me or the Moon. M.S.-kalimba, Victor Strunk-bass. 2002.
Peak in sub-genre #53
The second track from 'Pussy'
Peak in sub-genre #28
From the cassette 'Pussy', recorded and released in 1995.
Peak in sub-genre #25
Last song from the 'bed' segment of Drum Bed Drum
Peak in sub-genre #43
Steel drum, voice, drums, bass, kalimba
The struggle acoustic is not what we're used to. I was dealt a dope hand at birth, what can I say?
tale of stripper seduction in Northern Kentucky, running from psychotic boyfriends/fathers, and eventually escaping to a dry county in Southern Kentucky
Peak in sub-genre #22
guitar, voice, dobro by Kris Brown
Peak in sub-genre #99
song from the 'bed' portion of Drum Bed Drum
An anthem to alienation and the eventual impotent efforts at transcendance one's bound to try along the way
Aw smile you con so much content betray all the accidents Build and grow til nobody knows that the floor is falling in and just because you grin....
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