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The major third on the first beat of the fourth measure of the final flute solo represents Esther Povitsky sneezing.
Peak position #50
Point to any song title, three boxes can be seen. Click the bottom box for the lyrics, though I'm not always sure what they mean.
Peak in sub-genre #56
I think the musical interlude in the middle was subconsciously influenced by an episode of "The Twilight Zone" called "Come Wander With Me".
The vamp toward the end is suitable for chanting the "Hare Krishna Mantra", with the first "Hare" being on the pickup beat.
Peak in sub-genre #58
Inspired by a lady named "Blessing".
Peak in sub-genre #48
Written at 4:00 AM on December 8th, 1980.
Dedicated to the 18th century composer, Francesco.
The flute parts during the last section are actually bits of the melody to the song "Ozone Man".
Peak in sub-genre #56
Composed while watching some band on "Saturday Night Live" years ago. I turned off the sound, but I kept the TV on so I wouldn't miss "Weekend Update".
My brother left his nicotine stained white Stratocaster at my house.
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