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Real track right here. Storytelling type of track that'll really get to you... def check this one out.
Best track yet. The definition of my new persona, layed on top of Jaye Jeffer's work of art.
Introducing the world to the new persona.
Reallllll quick accapella battle with a cat off of RV that challenged me.
Me and Zone Out runnin sh!t. Me on all the hooks and the 3rd verse.
Ya boy killin a mixtape track. Hurtin the competition.
Anthem for everybody reppin that North Cackalack!!!!! Sing it!
Kind of emotional track here... lettin all you people know 'Who I Be'
Reallllll nice club banger put out by your boy and The Dean. I'm on the second half of the hook and the 2nd verse, watch out for this one in the club.
The studio is a firing range. I come on 2nd.
From J's 'Secret Weapon' mixtape... ya boy come hard on the 2nd verse.
A real adrenaline pumpin' jam right here.
Debut joint with Phokis Records. GET PHOKISSED!!
Anthem for that '336'.
Real emotional track, my heart right here.
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