Triple Threat Collective
Jazz Philadelphia, PA  USA
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heavy beats and bass with amazing guitar and synth playing... jazz/ hiphop/ blues/ and rock at it's finest!
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Peak in sub-genre #30
just the sweetest groove
Peak in sub-genre #45
a live track bringing it back... acoustic guitar with synth behind
Peak in sub-genre #12
a traditional sounding jazz swing. ft. jasmine richardson on vocals
Peak in sub-genre #53
french/english african blues and hiphop. ft. amadu of the ambassador's on vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #16
triphop with haunting female vocals
classic philly freestyle over a badasss old west style track. ft. kadiff on vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #54
a badass song for nic...
Peak in sub-genre #43
nice downtempo jazz with a big beat
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