Bright Spark
Alternative Norwich, United Kingdom
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Bright Spark are two guys and a girl centred on Norwich, England, playing and singing their own brand of retro Brit Pop, softcore rock, and a wide range of othe
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Bright Spark's semi-concept debut album was released March 2007, receiving rave reviews. This is the title track.
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Motorbiking at its best! If you can't imagine a combination of Status Quo, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and the Beach Boys, well you'll just have to hear it and form your own opinion.
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John Bartram's heart-rending but witty ballad with a gorgeous melody, harmony-building choruses and two-guitar solo break
Peak position #82
Please read the true story of how John Bartram came to write this searing blues guitar instrumental.
Peak position #68
A Reprise of 'Here Comes the Rain, Mama!' with lines from every other track on the album but based loosely on the title track.
Peak in sub-genre #34
A gentle but powerful tribute to a very dear friend. An unusual track, part song, part instrumental.
1 1
Melodic electric and acoustic guitar instrumental
Peak in sub-genre #11
Plenty of good advice - some maybe a little tongue in cheek - and some great guitar.
Peak position #84
This is the Telecaster version of John Bartram's searing blues guitar instrumental. A slightly different arrangement from the 335 version, with more acoustic guitars.
Peak in sub-genre #12
The true story of how the annual 'Golden Years' rock'n'roll show began, which has since raised £85,000 for charity.
Peak in sub-genre #39
Stomping rock song with a message that brushing up a relationship shouldn't be a chore. A touch of domination here? if you say so, darling...
Peak position #93
A slow-build song that creeps up on you, like the person it's about! Lead vocal by Pete Allen
Peak position #85
A languid song for summer days, ideal for anglers (spot the fish...)
Peak position #1 6 3
Ex-girlfriend sees the guy with a new 'partner'...
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