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Peak in sub-genre #91
MY first time playing bass with a group, on a Peavey something or other I borrowed for the occasion. Like all other guitarists on bass, I overplayed! Pat plays his Rickenbacker 370 on this one.
It's just a clean setting, I like it. the manual said Clapton played the song as a duet with someone else, so I just recorded this off the wall ditty
Rotarty speaker from 'badge' for the chords in the back. Lead guitar is the Layla (Derek and the Dominoes) on the neck pickup. 2 very fun settings.
Crossroads pedal + Gibson SG. don't mind the playing, I found this to be a favorite setting of mine on this pedal.
A Jam, I added some phasered Guitar.
Bridge Humbucker Clean Bridge Split Clean NEck humbucker clean Neck split clean Bridge Humbucker gain Bridge Split gain Neck Humbucker gain Neck Split Gain Gratuitus Wanking
Peak in sub-genre #41
Jam over Backing track
Peak in sub-genre #43
Epiphone Casino into Vox AD50VT (blackface setting) neck pickup, 2 tracks. 1 playing chords (you can hear a metronome!) the other plays 'lead' yaeh, I messed up the end, but this was about the sound of the notes, not the notes themselves.
Peak in sub-genre #55
It's a recording of an old Irish folk song, that was reworked into Led Zeppelin's 'White Summer' I worked from the traditional song.
Peak in sub-genre #89
Instrumental Raga I recorded in 1 take plus drone.
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