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An excerpt from one of the jams at Shredmanila.
An excerpt from one of the jams at Shredmanila.
Shredmanila Jams MarkV Take. Equipment used: RG321 (humbucker from hell/paf pro) | Shredhead Distortion | Laney/Rockers LC15R Amp
My take for the shredmanila 'Almost a Ballad Jam Take' - RG321, Vox PF amp shredhead pedal (all knobs at 1 o'clock setting. LOL)
DS-1 BritMod Funk Me Jam from Shredmanila
Classic Rock Jam for shredmanila.com (RG321) equipment used: DS-1 British Mod • Ibanez RG321 • Marshall 8040
46 sec. clip of another 1 take garbage guitar noodling. ahoo! ahoo!!
Peak in sub-genre #63 1
from the philmusic 'smoothBT' jam.
Boss DS-1 British Mod, made in taiwan, modded in the philippines, designed to sound like a JCM800!
annie talon!
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