The Art Of Sound
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A Melodic, Mellow, Electronic, Instrumental Journey via songs without words...The Art Of Sound.
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Accidental Adoration is a track from the new album due out in early 2011. A mellow, gentle song created entirely in Logic using samples and home brewed synths sounds... Enjoy!
An edit of the various themes I used for an unreleased movie soundtrack. Composed and performed mainly using Logic and Omnisphere with additional samples and softsynths. No real guitars or vocals were used.
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A gentle piano only version of the first track off the new album "Dreams"
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This is the full Synth and Orchestral version of the first track from my new album "Dreams"
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A dark moody piece..... from my new album "Dreams"
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An "Eastern" style track.. starts slow and then builds using Indian drums and rhythms... From my new album "Dreams"
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A very long ambient style track... that gentle evolves over time.. From my new album "Dreams"
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For all you Floyd fans out there... An excerpt from a new track from the forthcoming album "View From The Top". As usual, no 'real' guitars were used.. so crank up the volume and enjoy!!!!!
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Without her... Life is nothing....
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A lonely bird waits for the snow to melt and her love to return...... For Cello & Orchestra
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Final mixdown of an 'Indie Rock' style, extended remix of Fireflies. Tried to give it a heavier 'feel' with guitar augmentations and extended track time while trying to retain the original feel as much as possible.
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RagaLogi is a fun dance track based on a set of Indian drum and vocal samples I have been working on for the last few weeks. The lead parts were recorded 'live' with minimal post editing to retain as much of a live feel as I could.... Play loud and
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A Dance for Cello and a Man with Five Legs. Something a little different! This is the single edit. A longer version will be available on the new album.....
Peak in sub-genre #15
I was looking up at the sky late last night, on one of the few clear nights around these parts recently and I saw the most amazing meteor shower... which inspired me to write this new track...
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Taken from my new Album "View From The Top", this is music inspired by the views from the top of my mountain. A mellow but with a rocky feel track, performed live using the Oasys, Mainstage 2 and Guitar Rig 4. No real or sampled guitars were used!
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